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Inspire and engage your students with this Lower Secondary Science course from Collins offering comprehensive coverage of the new curriculum framework including suggested practical investigations and Thinking and Working Scientifically skills.

Develop your students’ scientific skills with a strong emphasis on Thinking and Working Scientifically integrated throughout the course and plenty of opportunities for practical activities and analysis

Allow students to take ownership of their learning with self-assessment questions and progress checklists throughout

Support students in their language needs with all key words clearly defined on the relevant page in the student book

Check understanding, consolidate learning and prepare for assessment with end of chapter and end of stage reviews

Challenge and stretch your students with differentiated questions for each topic

Get students engaged with our feature boxes looking at the history, development, application and impact of science around the world as well as the people involved

Help your students to build a firm foundation and progress from stage 7 through to stage 9 and onto IGCSE™ Science with carefully developed resources for each stage designed to build confidence and understanding


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