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Work on your Grammar –...
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Work on your Grammar – Intermediate B1

Precio ₡ 16.050,00
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Hundreds of exercises to get you to the next level Collins Work on your Grammar – Intermediate (B1) is a new practice book that covers the key grammar points needed by learners of English at Intermediate level (CEF level B1).

Classic Reader:  Frankenstein
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Classic Reader: Frankenstein

Precio ₡ 4.800,00
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This edition of Frankenstein is perfect for GCSE-level students: it comes complete with the novel, plus an introduction providing context, and a glossary explaining key terms.

Classic Reader: The Great...
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Classic Reader: The Great Gatsby

Precio ₡ 4.500,00
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This edition of The Great Gatsby provides depth and context for A Level students, with the complete novel in an easy to read format, and a detailed introduction and bespoke glossary written by an experienced A Level teacher.